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The Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc., is a social development-oriented Association. It was founded on July 24, 1999 by concerned retirees headed by Prof. Federico A. Balanag.

It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under SEC Registration No. 199900789, as a non-stock and non-profit organization. It is likewise accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development-CAR under DSWD Accreditation No. SB-2006-053 as a Community-based Program for Elderly Persons and also accredited with the Local Government Unit (LGU), City of Baguio and Province of Benguet.

BARP Foundation, Inc. is a senior Organization member of World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) with ID# 10571401 and also member of the Baguio NGO Multi-Sectoral Council, Inc., or BANGO. It is patterned after the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) in the United States of America. It is also affiliated with the Philippine Association of Retired Persons (PARP) and Coalition of Services for Elderly (COSE).

The Foundation's MAJOR THRUST is to develop opportunities among the members to keep them active and productive while aging.

The members and officers come from various fields of endeavor such as businessmen, farmers, miners, laborers, social workers, nurses, teachers, educators, doctors, engineers, lawyers, bankers, management specialists, librarians, administrators and military/PNP men and women, to name a few. As such, the Association has a pool of experienced and skilled human resources ready to be tapped for productive undertakings. Its motto is "To serve, as we had served."

The logo of the Foundation is of a round design with a banner like strip below approaching a semicircle, cut to a "V" at both ends and with the Foundation motto "To serve as we had served!" prominently inscribed on it. The dark yellow hue, which bears the motto, bespeaks of the retirees' regard for their work as their offering in return for the goodness of the Lord.

The round plate bears the name of the organization in a near circle, about the edge, thus: BARP FOUNDATION, INC. At its base, just above the motto, is the year when it was founded: 1999. These are laid in a white background to depict purity of conscience and that even in retirement there is pride, dignity and feeling of happiness for having done one's best. The stars to the upper left and right of the year 1999 denote the divine illumination that brought together the founding fathers to form the organization.

The two (2) laurel branches on the left and the right of the center gracefully curving slightly towards each other, signify the retirees' excellence in the different fields of discipline and calling. In fact, while many have received recognition and awards in their respective fields, others who are equally deserving have remained unsung and unremembered. But in BFI, everybody loves everybody. The green color attests to the retirees' continuous commitment to service and growth; hence the motto "To serve as we had served!"

The lower middle center depicts the figure of a boat to convey that the retirees have not only crossed lands and braved the challenges of unchartered seas in their quest for better stations for their loved ones.

The figure of a roof at the upper mid-portion directly above the boat denotes unity in the organization and oneness of spirit. From a distance, these become a composite structure and open up to an impressive view of a dap-ayan, a local term for a meeting house. This gives utterance to the retirees' new kinship and longing for fellowship. The color red is the enduring symbol of an ever- burning friendship among the members.

The golden color background where the laurel branches and the dap-ayan are embossed makes known that even in their sunset years the retirees are still of value to the community and service to their fellowmen.

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In September 2000, the Board of Trustees thought of adopting a hymn for BARR Prof. Federico A. Balanag, our founding president invited Dean Macario Fronda of Saint Louis University and requested him to prepare or compose a melody for us.

When Dean Fronda finished the piece, he presented it to BARR. The tempo is marching. When played by the SLU band, it sounded beautiful and pleasing to the ear.

The next thing to do was to put in the proper lyrics very appropriate and meaningful to the elderly and retirees. A search was made as to who will compose the lyrics. Ms. Lyra B. Andam was selected, the better-half of our energetic BMC Vice Chairman and BFI Trustee, Engr. Benigno V. Andam.

Ms. Andam graduated from the University of the Philippines with the degree of Bachelor of, Arts in English. She composed the beautifully worded and rhythmic lines and stanzas of the lyrics, which suit the present status of the retirees and elderly.

The lyrics were then pitched into and entwined with the melody and fitted perfectly when sung. Everyone in BARP overwhelmingly and enthusiastically accepted it. Its first public singing by the general membership, with the SLU band accompaniment, was on December 9, 2000, during the BARP Year-end and Thanksgiving Day celebration at the FRB Hall, University of Baguio.

We sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude to both Dean Macado Fronda and Ms. Lyra B. Andam for their ingenuity and unselfish service they rendered in providing us with such a wonderful BARP hymn.

-- ARQ

Last updated: 11 June 2011


A Foundation where the members can realize their dreams and aspirations, and can live a life worthwhile within a caring and sharing community.


To establish sustainable members' projects and programs through sound advocacy, resource mobilization, and capability building in collaboration with similar non-government organizations, national government institutions, local government units, and international agencies to serve the needs of members and their families and the community.


The Foundation is a caring, sharing, and transparent organization with dedicated and committed members and volunteers that respect the dignity of individuals in the pursuit of its ideals.

Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc. (BARP) Vision, Mission, and Core Values was amended and ratified during the General Assembly Meeting on March 28, 2009 held for the purpose.

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