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Who May Become BARP Members?

  1. Membership to the Association is open to all, whose age ranges from 40 to 75 years, of sound mind and body.
  2. The applicant must be personally inducted as a member to make him/her qualify for all the benefits provided by the Foundation.
  3. He or She must pay a membership fee of P300 upon application and Annual Due of P300 every succeeding year. Membership fees and Annual Dues are non-refundable. Must also make a deposit of P300 or more for the Special Mutual Assistance Program (SMAP), subject to replenishment from time to time and P200 yearly for GHAP.
  4. He or she must pay a Legal Fund of P50 upon membership, then P25 every year thereafter.
  5. Must actively participate in the various programs/activities of the BARP.

How often do Members Meet?

  1. Regular monthly meetings of the Association are held on the last Saturday of each month, except December, at the Athletic Bowl, Burnham Park, Baguio City and other places from 8:30 to 11:30 A.M.
  2. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon the petition of five or more qualified members.
  3. An Annual General Assembly Meeting shall be held once a year on the last Saturday of July.

Area of Coverage

  • The foundation shall cover the City of Baguio, Benguet Province and other towns, cities and provinces in the Philippines and other countries.

Board of Trustees

The governance of the Foundation shall reside in a Board of Fifteen (15 ) members who shall be elected by the general membership from qualified candidates certified by the Committee on Election.

The Board is the policy making body of the organization. It shall act in behalf of the General Assembly (GA) and ensures that the Foundation is strong and its programs are diligently pursued. In addition, they perform the following specific functions, to wit:

  • Enact measures to carry out the objectives of the Foundation;
  • Consider/approve the annual budget and supplemental budget of the Foundation;
  • Confirm appointments made by the President;
  • Approve single expenditures exceeding Php10,000.00;
  • Pass upon plans, programs, and recommendations of the committees with finality before implementation;
  • Delegate any of the powers of the Board to any committee or to any officer or agent to work as agent of the Foundation with such powers and upon such terms as may be deemed fit;
  • Act with finality upon matters brought to its attention by the President;
  • Act judiciously on any matter not specified and/or that may not be covered by this Constitution and Bylaws that affects the Foundation; and
  • Be the final arbiter of disputes.


A Foundation where the members can realize their dreams and aspirations, and can live a life worthwhile within a caring and sharing community.


To establish sustainable members' projects and programs through sound advocacy, resource mobilization, and capability building in collaboration with similar non-government organizations, national government institutions, local government units, and international agencies to serve the needs of members and their families and the community.


The Foundation is a caring, sharing, and transparent organization with dedicated and committed members and volunteers that respect the dignity of individuals in the pursuit of its ideals.

Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc. (BARP) Vision, Mission, and Core Values was amended and ratified during the General Assembly Meeting on March 28, 2009 held for the purpose.

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