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OctoberBest 2012 -- Mano Po! - The Golden Years Festival 2012

19.Sep.2012.Wed 10:00:00am to 28.Oct.2012.Sun 05:00:00pm
Baguio Convention Center, Baguio City

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The Golden Years Festival 2012

A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service

The Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc.,(BARP) is a social development-oriented Association. It was founded on July 24, 1999 by concerned retirees heade d by Prof. Federico A. Balanag. The BARP Foundation is composed of approximately 17,000 retirees and senior citizen members residing in the Cordillera Region, Baguio City, La Union, Ilocos Sur/ Norte, Nueva Vizcaya and Pangasinan.

This year, as we celebrate the month-long tribute to the elderly in our city on October, we have envisioned a festival entitled "The Golden Years Festival—A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service." The festival will kick-off on October 13, 2012 with a parade of senior citizens through Baguio's Central Business District and will commence at Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Field where a Sportsfest for the Elderly will be held. The following weekend, on October 27 & 28, a medical and dental mission will be launched; a Trade Fair and Exhibit will be set-up for participating medical, dental and sponsoring companies that provide aid to the elderly to showcase products and services that participants can avail of; a Food Fair and Entertainment stage will be constructed both inside and out of the Baguio Convention Center for different performances and shows. Aside from scheduled lectures, plenary sessions and demonstrations during the two-day event, there will be a raffle draw intended as a fund-raising activity for the construction of a senior citizens' center.

The theme of the fundraising campaign is Mano Po! - derived from the Filipino value of filial love and respect. Aside from a gift-giving campaign to support the construction of the Senior Citizens' Center, it will be a reminder we promote and instill this fading tradition of love, respect and care for the elderly while we raise funds for the building.

The proposed one-stop Center for Senior Citizens and Retirees will be a 5-storey structure. The groundbreaking rites is scheduled on October 6, 2012 at 10:30 AM at the project site in Crescencia Village, Bokawkan Road, Baguio City. The construction of the senior citizens' center will be etched in the pages of history with the groundbreaking ceremony together with the symbolic lowering of a time capsule containing the center's designs, plans and visions into a selected cornerstone.

The participating elderly organizations belonging to the Baguio Elderly Assembly and the Cordillera are as follows; DSWD, Philippine Government Retired Employees Association, Inc. (PGREA), Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA), Democratic Independent Workers' Association (DIWA Partylist), Federation of Baguio Senior Citizens Associations (FBASECA), Veterans Federation of the Philippines-CAR, Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), U.S. Navy Fleet Reserve- Baguio Chapter, US Armed Forces- NL World War II Veterans. This celebration is hosted by the Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc. (BARP), assisted by The Workshop for Infinite Media, Inc. as event manager.

The festival expects the attendance of at least 10,000 senior citizens representing the City of Baguio, La Trinidad and the different Cordillera regions, La Union and Pangasinan. We are hoping that the launch of fundraising activities for the BARP Senior Citizens' Center, projected to cost 60 million pesos, will be a venue for like-minded individuals and agencies to come together and contribute to the realization of this vision.

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Mano Po! - derived from the Filipino value of filial love and respect. This simple gesture is a great sign of respect within Filipino families, it shows that you value the wisdom of the elders and your parents and that you respect them.

"Pagmamano" is a great example of a tradition that must be passed on to future generations. As it may be just a simple gesture but the meaning behind it is bound with centuries old tradition of respect and love for those who are wiser and more knowledgeable.

The Golden Years Festival logo celebrating October as the Month of the Elderly is a composite of human figures with raised arms joined together in a semi-circle over a straight line, creating a half multi-pointed star, showing diamond-like forms between them. Golden leaves radiate in full splendor above. In the horizon is a view of a landscape with a road in the middle.

The landscape represents the world our elderly spent their years, honestly striving to attain their dreams. Inevitably nearing the horizon our elders are content with the knowledge that they have done their best in their lifetime.

The star signifies success and honor of the elderly, for himself, his children and his society.

A diamond is priceless and rare. This is exemplified by how the elderly values his work; taking every opportunity to improve himself and his lot, makes him excel in his chosen field.

In the horizon, the silhouette of the elderly rally the next generation to follow their example and profit from the good they have done. Hand-in-hand, arms are raised in celebration of lives contentedly spent.

The golden leaves that radiate upwards in all directions show the extent of the contribution of the elderly- his legacy to the community. Like gold, the legacy of the elderly will be a treasure for all those that will come after him.

Festival Logo design by elderly artist Shanto Verdun
Text by: Tolentino O. Opiniano

The Workshop for Infinite Media, Inc.

The Workshop for Infinite Media Inc. is Baguio City's most innovative creative team. Its objective is to be an effective tool for communication and information exchange through audio-visual media and theatrical productions. It is composed of a sufficiently trained technical and artistic team whose outputs are qualified productions.

TWIMI believes in the combined power of artistry and technology to transmit messages effectively and aesthetically. In line with the upcoming celebration of The Month of the Elderly, The Workshop has conceptualized a Festival that pays tribute to the elderly, aptly dubbed "The Golden Years."

Sept. 19 10:00am Kapihan - Press Conference Silungan Center CSWDO, OSCA, all senior citizens organizations
Oct. 1 8:00am Senior Citizen Official for a Day Baguio City Hall CSWDO, OSCA, all senior citizens organizations
Oct. 2 8:00am Ecumenical Thanksgiving Mass City Hall Multi-Purpose Hall FBASECA/BEA
8:00am Photo Exhibit City Hall Lobby CSWDO, OSCA, all senior citizens organizations
Oct. 6 8:00am
  • Gintong Tala Achievers Awards for the 12 Most Outstanding Senior Citizens 2012
  • Launching of Month of the Elderly Celebration — The Golden Years Festival 2012
Baguio City High Gym
  • BEA
  • BARP
  • Ceremonial Groundbreaking Rites of the BARP Center for Retirees and the Elderly and lowering of Time Capsule
  • Launching of The Golden Years Magazine
  • Traditional Blessing Ritual for the Construction Site
  • Launching of Fundraising Campaign for the Construction of the BARP Center for Retirees and the Elderly
Cresencia Village, Bokawkan Road, Baguio City BARP
  • Launching of The Golden Years Magazine
  • Traditional Blessing Ritual for the Construction Site
  • Launching of Fundraising Campaign for the Construction of the BARP Center for Retirees and the Elderly
Baguio City Hall Multi Purpose Hall BARP
Oct. 13 8:00am
  • Grand Parade / Motorcade of Senior Citizens and Retirees
  • Palaro and Elderly Sportfest
    • Sungka
    • Chinese Checkers
    • Chess
    • Scrabble
    • Dama
    • Tupa (Coconut Breaking Contest)
    • Dance (Cultural and Contemporary)

Melvin Jones Football Field, Burnham Park

Oct. 20 9:00am—5:00pm Medical Mission Melvin Jones Grandstand BARP and PRA
Oct. 27 Octoberbest 2012 — Golden Years Festival
8:00am—9:00amRegistrationBaguio Athletic Bowl
  • BARP Foundation Grand Assembly
  • BARP Foundation Media Awards
Baguio Athletic Bowl
  • Lolo at Lola Pista sa Nayon/ Putungan para sa Ginoong Lakan and Ginang Lakambini
  • Kultura-O-Rama: Highland, Lowland and Creative Dances and Choral Rendition
  • Cultural presentations from the different Senior Citizens Organizations
  • Awarding for Best Performing Senior Citizen Association
  • Awarding of Winners for Sportsfest
Either PFVR or Convention Center FBASECA
Oct. 28 8:00am
  • Health and Wellness Fair and Exhibition
  • Livelihood and Productivity Fair
  • Free Medical and Dental Outreach Mission
  • BARP membership Orientation and Recruitment Fair
  • Libreng Tawag Center
Burnham Park Rose Garden
11:00am—12:00pmSponsor's Hour Burnham Park Rose Garden
1:00pm—2:00pmSponsor's Hour Burnham Park Rose Garden
2:00am—3:00pmSponsor's Hour Burnham Park Rose Garden
3:00pm—4:00pm Closing Program
  • Awarding of Winners of Sportsfest
  • Awarding of Certificates of Participation
  • Grand Raffle Draw
Burnham Park Rose Garden
5:00pm Egress  


  1. GRANTS (from government agencies, donors, philanthropists, financing agencies)
  2. SPECIAL EVENTS (The Golden Years Festival - launching of fundraising, groundbreaking)
    • The only major event for the fundraising but will be an annual event for the next three years. It will be a two-day event that will feature a Medical/Dental Mission open to the public, a Health and Wellness Fair, a Tawag Center, Internet Literacy Workshops for the elderly and performances. This event will also be the venue for the Raffle Draw.
    • No tickets will be sold for the event. Rather, it is envisioned to be self-sustaining through the participation of Corporate Partners such as PLDT, Smart, Medical and Dental Associations, Pharmaceutical companies and the like.
    • Coin banks will be placed in strategic business establishment to encourage a wider market for donations in smaller amounts
    • Direct sponsorship towards the finances for the building
  5. TEXT DONATIONS (tie-up with communications companies - SMART, GLOBE, SUN)
    • Donations in smaller amounts than the online donation facility
    • BARP Golden Years Magazine 2012 will be published and distributed on the ground breaking activities on October 6, 2012
    • Started last September 1, this activity will go on until January 23, 2013
    • Will be done through

The fundraising methods listed above are the methods by which we plan to raise funds to augment the building fund for BARP Foundation Center for Retirees and the Elderly.


Last updated: 13 August 2012

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  • Prof. Federico Balanag- Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino 2012 Awardee
    Congratulations to BARP Foundation President/ CEO Prof. Federico Balanag, a recipient of the Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino 2012 (Individual Category)!
  • Soon to rise: BARP Foundation Center for Retirees and the Elderly
    The BARP Foundation Inc. through its officers recently acquired a 700+ sqm. property along Bokawkan Road from senior citizen actor/comedian Dolphy Quizon. On the site will rise the proposed BARP Foundation Center for Retirees and the Elderly. Present during the execution of the deed of sale are representatives of the actor and BARP Foundation Officers - Prof. Federico Balanag, Mr. Tolentino Opiniano, Mr. Monroe Taclawan together with their lawyer, Atty. Teofisto Rondez.
  • 57 studes receive BARP scholarship
    A Cast of 57 qualified and deserving students will enjoy full scholarship this year from the Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc. or BARP in partnership with a core of benefactors.
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