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Refer to our newsletters for complete listing of our deceased members who will receive our death aid contributions.

Date Death Aid Amount
30.Apr.2012.Mon 280.00
31.Mar.2012.Sat 570.00
29.Feb.2012.Wed 375.00
31.Jan.2012.Tue 415.00
31.Dec.2011.Sat 435.00
30.Nov.2011.Wed 475.00
31.Oct.2011.Mon 280.00
30.Sep.2011.Fri 475.00
31.Aug.2011.Wed 505.00
31.Jul.2011.Sun 340.00
30.Jun.2011.Thu 305.00
31.May.2011.Tue 158.00
30.Apr.2011.Sat 335.00
31.Mar.2011.Thu 285.00
28.Feb.2011.Mon 138.00
31.Jan.2011.Mon 385.00
31.Dec.2010.Fri 375.00
30.Nov.2010.Tue 295.00
30.Oct.2010.Sat 325.00
30.Sep.2010.Thu 515.00
31.Aug.2010.Tue 540.00
31.Jul.2010.Sat 405.00
30.Jun.2010.Wed 253.00
31.May.2010.Mon 375.00
30.Apr.2010.Fri 403.00
31.Mar.2010.Wed 305.00
28.Feb.2010.Sun 195.00
31.Jan.2010.Sun 345.00
31.Dec.2009.Thu 313.00
30.Nov.2009.Mon 360.00
31.Oct.2009.Sat 343.00
30.Sep.2009.Wed 265.00
31.Aug.2009.Mon 283.00
31.Jul.2009.Fri 318.00
30.Jun.2009.Tue 245.00
31.May.2009.Sun 223.00
30.Apr.2009.Thu 260.00
31.Mar.2009.Tue 315.00
28.Feb.2009.Sat 270.00
31.Jan.2009.Sat 300.00
31.Dec.2008.Wed 230.00
29.Nov.2008.Sat 330.00
31.Oct.2008.Fri 245.00
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  • Prof. Federico Balanag- Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino 2012 Awardee
    Congratulations to BARP Foundation President/ CEO Prof. Federico Balanag, a recipient of the Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino 2012 (Individual Category)!
  • Soon to rise: BARP Foundation Center for Retirees and the Elderly
    The BARP Foundation Inc. through its officers recently acquired a 700+ sqm. property along Bokawkan Road from senior citizen actor/comedian Dolphy Quizon. On the site will rise the proposed BARP Foundation Center for Retirees and the Elderly. Present during the execution of the deed of sale are representatives of the actor and BARP Foundation Officers - Prof. Federico Balanag, Mr. Tolentino Opiniano, Mr. Monroe Taclawan together with their lawyer, Atty. Teofisto Rondez.
  • 57 studes receive BARP scholarship
    A Cast of 57 qualified and deserving students will enjoy full scholarship this year from the Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc. or BARP in partnership with a core of benefactors.
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  • OctoberBest 2012 -- Mano Po! - The Golden Years Festival 2012

    A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service

    This year, as we celebrate the month-long tribute to the elderly in our city on October, we have envisioned a festival entitled "The Golden Years Festival—A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service." The festival will kick-off on October 13, 2012 with a parade of senior citizens through Baguio's Central Business District and will commence at Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Field where a Sportsfest for the Elderly will be held. The following weekend, on October 27 & 28, a medical and dental mission will be launched; a Trade Fair and Exhibit will be set-up for participating medical, dental and sponsoring companies that provide aid to the elderly to showcase products and services that participants can avail of; a Food Fair and Entertainment stage will be constructed both inside and out of the Baguio Convention Center for different performances and shows. Aside from scheduled lectures, plenary sessions and demonstrations during the two-day event, there will be a raffle draw intended as a fund-raising activity for the construction of a senior citizens' center.

  • Induction of New Set of Board of Trustees for 2010
    Induction of New Set of Board of Trustees for 2010
  • BARP 11th Year Anniversary
    Join us as we celebrate our 11th Year Anniversary.
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