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Our members and officers come from various fields of endeavor such as businessmen, farmers, miners, laborers, social workers, nurses, teachers, educators, doctors, engineers, lawyers, bankers, management specialists, librarians, administrators and military/PNP men and women, to name a few.

BARP Pre-Membership Orientation Video

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* A. Qualifications required for individual wanting to joining the BARP Foundation

All are open to all persons whose ages range from thirty-eight (38) to seventy (70) years. Those retired from the military service, para-military and other law-enforcing agencies may apply for membership.

A.1. Categories of membership:

  1. Charter Members — These refer to the original incorporators of the Foundation;
  2. Regular Members — These refer to individuals whose application for membership have been approved and who are duly inducted into membership; and,
  3. Honorary Members- These are individuals or institutions that have contributed voluntarily and rendered invaluable services to the Foundation. Honorary members shall have a tenure of two (2) years. Members in this category may again be nominated to Honorary Membership. The Board shall set guidelines for the nomination and acceptance into Honorary Membership.

A.2. Qualifications for membership:

  1. Must be of sound mind and body as certified by any physician accredited by BARP;
  2. Must subscribe faithfully to the vision, mission and goals of the Foundation; and,
  3. Must be thirty-eight (38) to seventy (70) years of age

A.3. Requirements for membership:

  1. Must undergo a pre-membership seminar;
  2. Must be willing to undergo a medical examination at our diagnostic center or at other diagnostic centers duly accredited by the Foundation. The examining physician should certify that the applicant is fit for membership to the Foundation;
  3. Must secure barangay clearance in the barangay where he/she actually resides;
  4. Must submit two (2) ID pictures.
  5. Must submit verifiable evidence of age.
  6. Must pay the membership fee, annual dues, Special Mutual Assistance Program (SMAP) fund, and other fees that the organization may decide to impose.

B. Required papers/supporting documents and other requirements when submitting membership application

  1. PMES Certificate of Attendance
  2. Duly accomplished membership application form (Download)
  3. Original Medical Certificate from BARP accredited doctors (only BARP accredited doctors are permitted to conduct the required medical examination)
  4. Barangay clearance from the barangay where you are residing
  5. Two (2) copies of colored 1"x1" or 2"x2" photos
  6. If you are 66 years and above you must submit one additional proof of date of birth. Anyone or only one (1) of the following supporting documents is required:
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Baptismal Certificate
    3. Any ID bearing the date of your birth like:
      • Senior Citizen's ID
      • Driver's ID
      • Postal ID
      • COMELEC ID, or
      • Duly notarized affidavit witnessed by two (2) disinterested persons who are of the same age like you or older than you

C. Contestability of membership in order to qualify for benefits

  • All new members will be required to undergo six (6) months contestability of their membership.
  • Should a new member dies before the 6-month contestability except if the cause of death is due to accident or unprovoked murder, their beneficiary/beneficiaries is/are entitled to the mutual assistance benefit.
  • If the cause of death is due to suicide or provoked murder after due validation or process will not be honored by the Foundation similarly even surviving the six (6) months contestability.

* D. Fees and contributions required from each member

Particulars1st YearSucceeding Years
1. Membership Fee/Annual DuesP 500.00P 500.00
2. Legal FeeP 50.00P 50.00
3. Student Assistantship ProgramP 100.00P 100.00
4. Building Program FundP 100.00P 100.00
5. BARP PinP 80.00-
6. BARP IDP 80.00-
7. BARP White T-ShirtP 175.00-
8. Pass Book w/ Plastic CaseP 25.00-
9. BARP Code of Ethics & ConductP 50.00-
Sub-TotalP 1,160.00P 750.00
Plus (+) Special Mutual Assistance Program (SMAP) which amount is payable monthly, however, for those who wants to pay in advance the P300 regular monthly SMAP dues is welcomed. Refer to the illustration below.
If, payment is Monthly (or every 1 month) = P 300.00300+1,160 = P 1,460.00300+750 = P 1,050.00
If, payment is Quarterly (or every 3 months) = P 900.00900+1,160 = P 2,060.00900+750 = P 1,650.00
If, payment is Annually (1 year or 12 months) = P 3,600.003,600+1,160 = P 4,760.003,600+750 = P 4,350.00

  1. Membership fee is once a year only. The succeeding year the membership will be converted into Annual Due which must be paid every first quarter (January to March) every year.
  2. Legal fee is once a year only - P50.00 on your first year and P25.00 for succeeding years.
  3. Payments for the items as enumerated above are upon acceptance/approval of membership application.
  4. In case of loss or wear and tear for items Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, pay the corresponding replacement cost/fee as required.
  5. Replenishment of SMAP is subject to number of deaths of members every month.

E. When is a beneficiary of deceased member not entitled to receive benefits from the Foundation

  • When a member failed to pay the necessary obligations due to the Foundation within the prescribed period;
  • When the cause of death of member is the result of suicide, self-inflicted injury, provoked murder or found proven that supporting documents submitted are spurious or falsified;
  • When the 30 days grace period (including holidays and Sundays) provided to member to replenish his/her SMAP contribution has expired and resulted in zero balance at the time of his/her death;
  • When a new member dies within the six (6) months contestability period. However, if said member is enrolled with the Group Hospitalization Program and the cause of death is through accident, the beneficiary shall be entitled to P40,000 upon presentation of police report and death certificate resulting from accident; and
  • When the cause of death reflected in the deceased member's death certificate submitted is "unknown."

F. Duties and Responsibilities of Members

Article VI Section 1, of the Foundation Constitution and By-Laws provides the following duties and responsibilities:
  • To know, understand and promote the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the Foundation;
  • To obey and comply with the Constitution and By-Laws, rules and regulations, and policies promulgated/adopted from time to time;
  • To attend meetings and participate in activities of the Foundation (with the prescribed uniform as follows)
    • Induction Ceremony: White T-shirt & BARP
    • General Assembly & other activities:
      • Vest with long or short white shirt for male
      • Vest with white blouse for female; and
  • To pay membership fee, annual dues and other fees within prescribed periods; and

G. Rights and privileges of members

Article VII provides the following rights and privileges of members:
  • Section 1. Every member has the right to be nominated, or to be appointed to any office in the Foundation;
  • Section 2. The right to avail of the benefits, which the Foundation grants;
  • Section 3. To participate in the deliberation of the General Assembly or other gatherings for the Foundation, except in board meetings;
  • Section 4. Every member is entitled to take part in all programs, projects or activities of the Foundation;
  • Section 5. To examine the books and record of the Foundation during office hours;
  • Section 6. Freedom of expression within the ambit of the Constitution and By-laws of the Foundation and the laws of the land.

* H. Causes of Termination or Suspension

An officer or any member may be suspended or terminated by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Trustees for any of the following grounds (as per Article XVII, Section 2):
  1. When a member has acted in violation of the Constitution and Bylaws, and the rules and regulations of the Foundation;
  2. For any act prejudicial to the interest or the welfare of the Foundation;
  3. Non-payment of annual dues or other fees due the Foundation;
  4. Failure to discharge one's duties and responsibilities;
  5. Insubordination or disrespect of member or staff to superior officer. (As amended on May 28, 2011.)
  6. Rumor-mongering committed against a member, an officer or the Foundation itself;
  7. Committing estafa or swindling against the Foundation; or,
  8. Dishonesty
  9. For Board or Officer, any three (3) successive absences from regular meetings without reasonable cause; for a member, any six (6) consecutive absences from the monthly general membership meetings without reasonable cause; and,
  10. Since decisions of the Board are arrived at always through majority vote of the members, except those prescribed by the Corporation Code which requires the affirmative vote of a greater proportion, it shall become imperative that members whatever their positions were before the vote, should always support and observe said decision, otherwise, non-support or non-observance, or breach thereafter by any Board member shall, after due process, be sufficient ground for their termination from membership in the Board and shall be a basis for their disqualification to run as member of the Board of the Foundation or Board of Directors of the BARP Multi-Purpose Cooperative.

I. Complaints

Article XVII Section 5 provides specific guidelines to be observed by members who may have complaint or grievance.
  • Complaint against any member or against the Foundation shall be in writing, duly notarized, and submitted to the President for resolution. The President shall then go over said complaint and make his decision within fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of complaint. Should the President be related by affinity or consanguinity up to the 4th civil degree to the complainant or to the party complained against, he shall inhibit himself;
  • If the complainant or the party complained against of is not satisfied with the President's decision, the latter should be notified within fifteen (15) calendar days, otherwise the President's decision shall become final and executory;
  • If the President or any Board member is the subject of a complaint, the complaint shall be submitted to the Conciliation and Mediation Committee for resolution. The Conciliation and Mediation Committee shall render its decision within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of complaint. If the complainant or the party complained of is not satisfied with the decision of the Conciliation and Mediation Committee, the latter shall be notified and the complaint shall be submitted to the Board for final decision within fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of the decision by the complainant or the party complained against, otherwise the decision of the Conciliation and Mediation Committee shall become final and executory;
  • If the complainant or the party complained of is not satisfied with the President's decision the latter then forwards the complaint with his notations to the Conciliation and Mediation Committee, which shall render its decision within thirty (30) calendar days. The Committee's decision shall be forwarded to the President for appropriate action; and
  • If the complaint or the party complained of is not satisfied with the decision of the Conciliation and Mediation Committee, the former should notify the latter within fifteen (15) calendar days, otherwise the decision of the Conciliation and Mediation Committee shall become final and executor.


  • The Board shall be the final arbiter of disputes, Matters sent to it from appeal shall be decided within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt. Decision of the Board shall be sent to the President and shall become final and executory thirty (30) calendar days after the appellant/s is/are served of the said decision.
  • Both parties to a complaint are prohibited to engage the services of lawyers at any stage of conciliation.
  • No member-complainant shall bring any matter before a court of law without exhausting all the administrative remedies set forth in these aforesaid sections.

* J. Geographical Coverage of Operation

The Foundation initially had its operation within Baguio City and the Province of Benguet. However, due to increasing clamor of group of individuals from various cities, towns, and provinces, the Board adopted a policy of expanding its area of operation. As such, it has opened its door to the Cordillera Region, Ilocos (Sur and Norte), La Union, NuevaViscaya and Pangasinan as of now.

As provided in the Constitution and Bylaws (Article I, Section 3), it is defined that its area of coverage will be the whole country and even outside the Philippines as the need arises.

Below are the names of appointed coordinators covering the area of operation:

Helen M. KimmayongProvincial Coordinator of Mt. ProvinceBauko, Mt. Province0909-9282-783
Edna B. PoschorProvincial Coordinator of BenguetTulodan, Cattubo, Atok, Benguet0921-3313-127
Bienvenido M. BalwegProvincial Coordinator of La Union150 Quinavite, Bauang, La Union0921-3131-056
Winnifred DacanayMunicipal Coordinator of Bacnotan, La UnionNagsaraboan, Bacnotan, La Union0920-9459-443
Linda PilleProvincial Coordinator of Nueva ViscayaL & M Traveller's Inn, Barangay Roxas Solano, Nueva Viscaya0927-3687-705
Eugenia DauzMunicipal Coordinator of Tagudin, Ilocos SurTagudin, Ilocos Sur0920-76661-947
Mario AnaneyMunicipal Coordinator of Cervantes, Ilocos SurNamita, Malaya Cervantes Ilocos Sur0910-4125-730
Luis SegundoMunicipal Coordinator of Kayapa, Nueva ViscayaKayapa, Nueva Viscaya0929-8499-654


As provided in the Constitution and Bylaws (Article XIX):
  1. The Foundation shall be non-stock, non-profit, service oriented, non-sectarian, and non-political, shall not discriminate on the acceptance of members as to their socio-cultural and economic status, tribe, race or gender.
  2. It shall work for the welfare of its members and their families; it shall instill love of God, Country and Fellowmen; it shall promote social justice, community consciousness, economic well-being, equality cooperation, peace and order, and shall enhance respect for human dignity as enshrined in the Bill of Rights.
  3. It shall be the policy of the Foundation to allocate thirty (30%) percent of its total annual receipts for administrative expenses in any taxable year.
  4. Book of Accounts- The Foundation, through the Bookkeeper and Treasurer shall keep and maintain such books of accounts journal, and records, from year to year in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles and practices, subject to the provisions of pertinent laws.
  5. Accounting System- The Foundation shall adopt the generally accepted accounting procedures and practices.
  6. External Audit- At the end of each year, the Board in Consultation with the Internal Auditor and Audit and Finance Committee shall cause the audit of the financial operations of the Foundation by an independent Certified Public Accountant.
  7. Annual Report- During the Annual Regular General Assembly, the President of the Foundation shall submit of its operation to the general membership together with the Audited Financial Statements.
  8. Settlement of Disputes- Any dispute arising between or among member's Trustees and other officers shall be handled by the Grievance and Mediation Committee as provided under Article XVII, Section 1,2,3,4, and 5 of the Constitution and Bylaws.
  9. Parliamentary Authority - The parliamentary proceeding of the Foundation shall be governed by rules and order based on the Robert's Rules of Order.
  10. The Board of Trustees shall not receive regular compensation except reasonable honorarium for services rendered to the Foundation.
  11. The Corporate Seal of the Foundation shall be of a round design with a banner-like strip, below, almost in a semi-circle and cut t a "v" at both ends that features the motto of the Foundation. "To serve as we had served". The round plate shall bear the name of the Foundation. The year when it was founded, a "Dap-ayan" (meeting place) and two laurel branches.
  12. Should the Foundation be dissolved all properties and assets of the organization may be assigned to similar and duly organized entity.

Note: Specific policies governing sources of funds and how they are used, structural organizations, how the members of the Board and officers are chosen. Specific responsibilities and functions of the Board and officers are clearly provided under its Articles of Incorporation and Constitution and Bylaws. Other policies are embodied in a Board Resolutions.

Last updated: 13 June 2011

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    This year, as we celebrate the month-long tribute to the elderly in our city on October, we have envisioned a festival entitled "The Golden Years Festival—A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service." The festival will kick-off on October 13, 2012 with a parade of senior citizens through Baguio's Central Business District and will commence at Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Field where a Sportsfest for the Elderly will be held. The following weekend, on October 27 & 28, a medical and dental mission will be launched; a Trade Fair and Exhibit will be set-up for participating medical, dental and sponsoring companies that provide aid to the elderly to showcase products and services that participants can avail of; a Food Fair and Entertainment stage will be constructed both inside and out of the Baguio Convention Center for different performances and shows. Aside from scheduled lectures, plenary sessions and demonstrations during the two-day event, there will be a raffle draw intended as a fund-raising activity for the construction of a senior citizens' center.

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