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The BARP- Calamity Relief and Medical Assistance Program (CRMAP) proves to be an opportunity for BARP members and volunteers to rekindle the spirit of pakikipagkapwa tao in time of disaster. Members can show their support for the relief drive by serving as volunteers, donating goods and money, offering vehicles for the relief distribution, asking network and partner organizations for donations and reporting situations of other BARP members who need special assistance or intervention. Pakikipagkapwa tao literally means extending assistance with empathy. It is part of Filipino culture pertaining to helping one another through communal efforts without expecting something in return.

Natural disasters may be divided into three categories: meteorological disasters, such as hurricanes, hailstorms, tornadoes, typhoons, snowstorms, droughts, cold spells, and heat waves; topological catastrophes, such as earthquakes, avalanches, landslides, and floods; and biological disasters, including insect swarms and disease epidemics. A disaster may also be defined in sociological terms as a major disruption of the social pattern of individuals and groups.

The BARP- Calamity Relief and Medical Assistance Program’s objective is to provide immediate relief and assistance to victims of natural and man-made calamities nationwide. The Foundation reaches out to affected families through the provision of a soup kitchen, relief goods, medical missions and other relief assistance with 24 hours of the calamity’s occurrence.

Through the BARP- Calamity Relief and Medical Assistance Program, people who are moved to help are able to share their blessings with people in need. Through the BARP Foundation website, a fundraising campaign via a donation webpage has the unique advantage of reaching out to a greater number of people- engaging their participation and involving them in the projects.

Project Structure & Committees

To make the relief drive organized and systematic, the project team must put up a structure and mechanism for operation. BARP Calamity Relief and Medical Assistance Program will assign an overall coordinator (executive director) to harmonize the activities of the identified committees. The six major committees are:

  1. Donations;
  2. Deployment & Distribution;
  3. Mobilization of Volunteers;
  4. Documentation;
  5. Dissemination of Information; and
  6. Medical Mission

The Donations Committee receives donations both in kind and in cash, makes the necessary inventory of the received donations and donors, and sorts and packs the received items for distribution.

The second committee, Deployment & Distribution, identifies and prioritizes the target beneficiaries and facilitates the deployment and actual distribution of the relief goods. This committee also makes sure that there is at least one organized group in the identified communities.

The third committee, volunteer mobilization, deals with concerns related to effective and efficient way of mobilizing volunteers. It assigns volunteers to a particular task. The committee also gives pre and post-activity orientation/de-briefing for volunteers (e.g. deployment, packing etc.). Meanwhile, the Dissemination of Information Committee is responsible for sending out official announcements and correspondences to the Foundation’s institutional partners and to the public in general on BARP Calamity Relief and Medical Assistance Program.

The Documentation Committee is in-charge of consolidating all the reports of other committees (e.g. list of members of BARP community, families and partner communities that have been badly hit by catastrophe or calamity). It is also tasked to organize the information on the situation of the affected BARP members and partner communities as well as their immediate needs. It updates the Information Dissemination committee so the latter can come up with regular announcements.

Lastly, the Medical Mission and Assistance Committee- The BARP Foundation believes in the importance of health in developing a productive citizenry. The improvement of the quality of life begins with it. By cultivating ties with medical institutions and various partners, the Foundation will provide medicines and medical services that answer the specific needs of its beneficiaries. The BARP- CRMAP will provide free medicines, medical services and equipment to indigent patients. This function shall be overseen and led by the BARP Foundation Medical team in coordination with the BARP-CRMAP over-all coordinator (executive director).


Aside from the structure and ad hoc committees, the team must also come up with a set of criteria for selecting and prioritizing target beneficiaries of the relief goods. The criteria are as follows:

  1. partner communities/members of BARP community as priorities;
  2. urgency of needed intervention;
  3. extent of damage to community;
  4. extent of assistance needed;
  5. extent of assistance already received (from NGOs, GOs, Church groups etc.); and
  6. existence of organized & credible group to lead identification & distribution (based on information from coordination efforts and news).

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  • Prof. Federico Balanag- Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino 2012 Awardee
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    A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service

    This year, as we celebrate the month-long tribute to the elderly in our city on October, we have envisioned a festival entitled "The Golden Years Festival—A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service." The festival will kick-off on October 13, 2012 with a parade of senior citizens through Baguio's Central Business District and will commence at Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Field where a Sportsfest for the Elderly will be held. The following weekend, on October 27 & 28, a medical and dental mission will be launched; a Trade Fair and Exhibit will be set-up for participating medical, dental and sponsoring companies that provide aid to the elderly to showcase products and services that participants can avail of; a Food Fair and Entertainment stage will be constructed both inside and out of the Baguio Convention Center for different performances and shows. Aside from scheduled lectures, plenary sessions and demonstrations during the two-day event, there will be a raffle draw intended as a fund-raising activity for the construction of a senior citizens' center.

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