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The development thrusts and programs provided by the Foundation is a year-round activities directed to the achievement of its vision and set of objectives, e.g., coupled with income generating programs in answers to the needs and problems of the general membership composed of retirees and elderly.

Note: The proposed programs and projects are now on the drawing table being tackled by various committees.

The BARP Center for Retirees and the Elderly   On-going Accepts Donations

Goal: Php 50,000,000 Donate to this Program »
-19,902.24% still needed 20,002.24% total funds received

The BARP Center for Retirees and the Elderly aims to serve its 18,000 and growing members and the community in a one-stop venue where services can be provided and enjoyed conveniently in an elderly friendly atmosphere. The Center is envisioned to be a facility maintained and operated by the elderly for the elderly, keeping them productive and active in their golden years.
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Calamity Relief and Medical Assistance Program   On-going Accepts Donations

Goal: Php 5,000,000 Donate to this Program »
99.98% still needed 0.02% total funds received

The BARP- Calamity Relief and Medical Assistance Program (CRMAP) proves to be an opportunity for BARP members and volunteers to rekindle the spirit of pakikipagkapwa tao in time of disaster. Members can show their support for the relief drive by serving as volunteers, donating goods and money, offering vehicles for the relief distribution, asking network and partner organizations for donations and reporting situations of other BARP members who need special assistance or intervention. Pakikipagkapwa tao literally means extending assistance with empathy. It is part of Filipino culture pertaining to helping one another through communal efforts without expecting something in return.
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BARP Student Assistance Program   On-going Accepts Donations

Goal: Php 5,000,000 Donate to this Program »
99.72% still needed 0.28% total funds received

The BARP Student Assistance Program (BSAP) was established only this 2009. This program intends to give a more meaningful legacy to the education of indigent but deserving children or grandchildren of BARP members rather than just passing death aids to members. The program is open for academic and technical/vocational courses. Tuition Fees, Miscellaneous Fees, monthly stipend, and uniforms are taken cared off by the Foundation. Through this program, it can contribute in making their life better and contributes to nation building. This program is in consonance with the Vision and Mission of the Foundation.
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Mutual Assistance Program (RMAP and SMAP)   On-going

The Mutual Assistance Program shall provide financial aid to named direct beneficiaries of deceased members of good standing. RMAP premium is built-in in the obligatory annual due while SMAP premium is paid separately. The names of rightful beneficiaries and the amount to be paid to each shall be listed in monthly publication Golden Years, which shall be disseminated during the General Assembly held every last Saturday of the month.

The amount of aid given to the designated beneficiaries depends upon the number of quality members and what is agreed upon to be contributed by each member based on BFI Rules and Regulations and Policies.

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BARP Multi-Purpose Cooperative   On-going

The BARP Multi-Purpose Cooperative shall promote thrift and savings, medical and dental care, provides micro financing for livelihood and other basic needs of the family and encourages members to engage in small entrepreneurial activities. Its password is “Save regularly, borrow wisely, repay promptly.”

Note: Members’ children and grandchildren by reason of age are not eligible to become BMPC Members but may open and maintain deposit account.

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BARP Botika Ng Bayan   On-going

The BARP Botika ng Bayan shall work to provide affordable medicines and other health products to BARP members and their families. In addition, medical and dental committees shall be created to undertake health care and social connection programs to enhance physical and mental fitness and hopefully longer life among the members.
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Group Hospitalization Assistance Program   On-going

The Group Hospitalization Assistance Program shall cover accidental injury or death and be applicable to BARP members and to members of their immediate family who qualify and pay the minimal cost. The BARP Group Hospitalization Assistance Program (GHAP) will pay the Daily Hospitalization Benefit (DHB) upon receipt of due proof of Member Confinement in Hospital (as defined) resulting from accident. This benefit is not transferable. In order to be eligible for hospitalization and other benefits the member’s account must be active during the month prior to the confinement and during the months of confinement. If not the approved hospital benefit will be pro-rated and paid out only for the active months. This provision shall be applicable to BARP bonafide members and family members whose age range from not less than ten (10) years and above.
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Pre-Membership Seminar   On-going

An individual who wants to join the BARP Foundation as pre-requisite in becoming a member. The same is held every 1st Saturday of the month.
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Medical and Dental Care   On-going

The Medical and Dental Care program has been set-up to provide affordable and accessible health care to members and immediate family members including non-member senior citizens and handicapped. It has also established linkages with various medical and dental associations in line its medical and dental missions to enhance physical and mental fitness with the hope of promoting longer life among senior citizens.
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Life is Green Program   On-going

The Life is Green Program shall encourage members to be active and productive while in retirement by planting fruit bearing trees, vegetables and others in their backyard gardens and keep their surroundings clean and green at all times.
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Rose Garden for the Elderly   On-going

The Rose Garden for the Elderly (RGE) is situated at Burnham Park as entered into amongst BARP, as lead agency and other elderly organizations and the City Government of Baguio, shall be among the priority projects of the Foundation.
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BARP Basketball Team   On-going

The BARP Basketball Team is to strengthen linkage with the young people, a group was organized early part of 2010. The members were selected from the different barangay in the City. This is to develop their discipline, values as well as sportsmanship behavior.
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Physical Fitness Program   On-going

The PFP encourages the members to keep themselves physically fit through enlightened physical exercises, calisthenics, games, and sports, including dancing and singing.
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BARP Publication and Bookmaking Project   On-going

The BARP Publication and Bookmaking Project also known as Publication and Media Services shall perform a two-fold main function: First, to coordinate and monitor the different publications of BARP to avoid unnecessary duplications, and, Second, to help members who would like to write articles and books to realize their dreams and thus attain an apex of self-fulfillment and be given assurance of still being remembered long after they are gone.
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Half-Way Home Center   On Planning Process

The Half –Way Home Center shall work to provide free or at least affordable medical-dental and social services, nursing homes for the aged, lodging for the elderly, and physical fitness center (Philippine style, i.e., liberally visited by own family members, other relatives, and friends in order to still feel the nearness or care of kin and townmates). It shall incorporate training centers, convention halls, offices, and commercial spaces to help sustain the operation of the Center.
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BARP Retirement Village   On Planning Process

Like the Half-Way Home Center, the BARP Retirement Village was conceived to be well situated, more or less self-sufficient and self-sustaining. There shall be Medical-dental services, which will assure health care. There shall be shuttle vehicles to and from the Village. Cottages, swimming pools with hot and cold showers, eco-walk, if practicable, shall be provided. Organic farming, planting of fruit bearing trees & fish culture shall be encouraged.
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Human Resource Development and Consultancy   On Planning Process

The Human Resource Development and Consultancy shall exert effort to enhance capability building through the conduct of seminars, symposia, livelihood and skills training, and many others, thus harnessing the productivity of the elderly.
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BARP Library-Museum   On Planning Process

The BARP Library-Museum shall be a self-sustaining component in the Retirement Village. Its focus of collection shall be those items from the service areas of BARP, especially those not found in other library-museums. Historical records and artifacts will be a priority. In fact, it will be able to pitch in the maintenance and improvement of the RV financially, psychologically or psychosomatically, and spiritually while serving the inhabitants of the RV, friends, and visitors.
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  • Prof. Federico Balanag- Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino 2012 Awardee
    Congratulations to BARP Foundation President/ CEO Prof. Federico Balanag, a recipient of the Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino 2012 (Individual Category)!
  • Soon to rise: BARP Foundation Center for Retirees and the Elderly
    The BARP Foundation Inc. through its officers recently acquired a 700+ sqm. property along Bokawkan Road from senior citizen actor/comedian Dolphy Quizon. On the site will rise the proposed BARP Foundation Center for Retirees and the Elderly. Present during the execution of the deed of sale are representatives of the actor and BARP Foundation Officers - Prof. Federico Balanag, Mr. Tolentino Opiniano, Mr. Monroe Taclawan together with their lawyer, Atty. Teofisto Rondez.
  • 57 studes receive BARP scholarship
    A Cast of 57 qualified and deserving students will enjoy full scholarship this year from the Blessed Association of Retired Persons Foundation, Inc. or BARP in partnership with a core of benefactors.
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  • OctoberBest 2012 -- Mano Po! - The Golden Years Festival 2012

    A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service

    This year, as we celebrate the month-long tribute to the elderly in our city on October, we have envisioned a festival entitled "The Golden Years Festival—A Culture and Legacy of Committed Service." The festival will kick-off on October 13, 2012 with a parade of senior citizens through Baguio's Central Business District and will commence at Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Field where a Sportsfest for the Elderly will be held. The following weekend, on October 27 & 28, a medical and dental mission will be launched; a Trade Fair and Exhibit will be set-up for participating medical, dental and sponsoring companies that provide aid to the elderly to showcase products and services that participants can avail of; a Food Fair and Entertainment stage will be constructed both inside and out of the Baguio Convention Center for different performances and shows. Aside from scheduled lectures, plenary sessions and demonstrations during the two-day event, there will be a raffle draw intended as a fund-raising activity for the construction of a senior citizens' center.

  • Induction of New Set of Board of Trustees for 2010
    Induction of New Set of Board of Trustees for 2010
  • BARP 11th Year Anniversary
    Join us as we celebrate our 11th Year Anniversary.
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